Facebook keeps freezing
Why is Facebook frozen
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It frozen from a page is usually the cause of the video card. You can try many but as Facebook for the rest working properly is still a need to replace. Graphical as the video card Of course you can always try to solve with a different browser the problem. In some cases it will still work. Aander is danGoogle Chrome. Have Google Chrome? Check if there is an update.

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Freezing / crashing Facebook

That Facebook is frozen is a well known problem. Facebook is fixed in different ways, by not loading Facebook or facebook will not start, facebook crashes in games, chat, startup, shutdown, logoff, (games slow to very slow walk or even fixed.

The solution we seek for you to offer. Important control is to know if your PC meets the following software requirements.

Check steps below>

Java, flashplayer up to date?
Check or you can find or you have it, mabey there is a new version.

Schockwave flash
You must look also for the Shockwave flash plug from adobe check.

What browser are you using?

Are you using Internet Explorer? Seizure of the computer when you start the browser when you go to Facebook can therefore be largely caused. Google Chrome Could herein may offer the solution. It is the # 1 best browser (stable and fast) If you can already use the Google Chrome that the version is outdated. Check your version of the Google Chrome browser as this is often forgotten.
"Google Chrome download" No frozen more!

Always check whether the problem occurs in your browser only. Open Facebook in another browser on your computer, such as Google Chrome. If there are similar problems with Facebook action in another browser, the problem is probably not caused by your current browser. If the problem occurs also in other browsers, you can try the following sites for help. Help Center on Facebook Facebook assistant general problems.

It is also possible that your PC spyware and viruses such ukashvirus crashes or delay provides on site such as facebook. (continue not to notice) In the overview list programs you can download to wish a virus free.

Computer cleanup and delete files so that the hard disk gets more space is also another example of jamming when surfing. Although the separate state is better to do so, this is the jam exclusion can also easily solve through our list programs.

Manage all this, it is also possible to restore the PC to the Factory Settings (or system recovery) You have as good a recovery DVD.